EuroChem Terminal Sillamäe OÜ

Liquid chemicals sea terminal

General information

EuroChem Terminal Sillamae is an affiliate of the OJSC EuroChem MCC, which is one of the largest producers of mineral fertilizers and other chemical products in Russia. The company is in the European top three and world's top ten of the branch

EuroChem Terminal Sillamae OÜ was established in February 2004 in order to build a chemical terminal in Estonia to process liquid chemical raw materials.

Our customers are major Russian and European producers of chemical products.

Our ideology

Our aim is to provide highly professional and affordable service to various producers and concerns according to the wills and needs of our clients.

Our aim is to maintain high levels of service, safety and environmental protection standards.

The advantages of EuroChem Terminal Sillamae OÜ

1. The ideal location of the terminal close to the Estonian-Russian border and Russian-EU border. The terminal is sited ca. 25 km from the Russian border - the railway bridge between Ivangorod and Narva

2. Good conditions for arriving vessels: deep-water quays

3. Favorable ice-conditions for harboring (ice-free water area).

4. High safety standards.

Everything mentioned above encourages low railway rates and lower the risk of these increasing in the future. This demonstrates the benefit of the location, the developing potential of the EuroChem Terminal Sillamae OÜ and its highly competitive advantage.